Wikipedia makes OpenStreetMap more prominent


Wikipedia in German has started to use OpenStreetMap as the default
map in some entries. OSMers / Wikipedians Kolossos and Peter K├Ârner,
announced today, German-language articles with lat / lon coordinates
marked “map” would become a link to display an in-article map. That
map also shows markers to points from similar articles.

These contributors, and others have been doing very interesting things
with OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia. Very nice!

Their original announcement is found on the German OSM mailing list.

One thought on “Wikipedia makes OpenStreetMap more prominent

  1. harry_wood

    Nice work Kolossos! This is really great for the project. Wikipedia contributors are the kind of people who will can easily be persuaded to become OSMers I’m sure. Just need the English wikipedia to go for it too now!A few weeks ago I also noticed the geo-links from wikipedia (on english one too) take you to <a href="">this kind of page</a> which now features OpenStreetMap links prominently, although that’s still <a href="">under discussion</a>. I first campaigned about this a couple of years ago. It’s interesting to see how, as our maps get better, the case gets stronger for choosing us over google maps.

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