Project of the Week: Shopping Malls


They aren’t glamorous. They might not be pretty. They can be useful,
but there is one seldom-spoken benefit to mapping a local shopping
mall. It is so satisfying.

What is so satisfying about mapping a local mall, or cluster of shops?
It’s a mapping project of Just The Right Size. More substantial than
adding a single POI, faster than adding a village. Mapping a mall is a
nice meal; more than a snack, less than a feast. But perhaps best of
all, mapping a mall is a task that can be completed. Mapping a mall
can be a perfect 30-minute mapping project including survey and

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2 thoughts on “Project of the Week: Shopping Malls

  1. Richard Weait

    I'm referring to what is sometimes called a mini-mall, or plaza.  Smaller, and more "outdoors" than an indoor mall.

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