Last Community Ambassador Resigns from CloudMade


On her twitter feed, moment ago, Thea Clay announced that she was
leaving CloudMade.

5 thoughts on “Last Community Ambassador Resigns from CloudMade

  1. Donnie

    Of course everything isn’t ok. I don’t know anything that you don’t either, but I do know that people might leave for personal reasons, groups of people at the same time do not. There had to be a serious fallout at some rather high level somewhere about something, but I wouldn’t expect us to be told about it anytime soon. You know, the ole’ "what happens in fight club stays in fight club" thing. Then again, I could be wrong, and everybody is indeed leaving because of "health reasons" as every politician always does… sure thing.

  2. Stefan

    It is also possible for groups of people to leave when someone else makes a better offer.

  3. mishok13

    Considering Hurricane has joined MapQuest I wouldn’t be surprised to see Thea there [on Monday].If you’re wondering about CloudMade and the way this affects its business — it doesn’t, AFAIK. I just hope MapQuest doesn’t repeat errors CloudMade made with ambassadors in the start.

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