List of relicensing accounts

Matt Amos, of the OpenStreetMap Foundation Technical Working Group, announced the publication of the list of accounts accepting ODbL/CT.

as part of the voluntary relicensing phase of the move to ODbL,
existing contributors have had the ability to voluntarily accept the
contributor terms. to help the community assess the impact of the
relicensing it was planned to make the information about which
accounts have agreed available. this will help with the evaluation of
the process and analysis of any consequent data loss, should the
switch be made. at the last LWG meeting, having been put to the board
for approval, it was decided to make this available [1], and i’m
pleased to announce that this list is now up [2] and being regularly
refreshed from the database every hour.

i look forward to seeing the new analyses, visualisations and tools
that can be built using this data.




Matt’s announcement on mailing list can be found in the archives,

5 thoughts on “List of relicensing accounts

  1. Peter Miller

    Congratulations on the first blog post for nearly a year and only the third ever from the Foundation! Blogs are a great way for organisations to communicate their news and plans – talk lists are often just to busy to spot important announcements. Keep it up!

  2. Max

    Now I kinda get why you were in no hurry to release that data. Circa 1% of users to agree is nothing to write home about; we seem to have a problem. Also, glad to see some activity on this blog. Months and months and months of watching a silent RSS feed finally starting to pay off, mwuhahaha… 😉

  3. David Earl

    It was stated in strident but IANL terms on the talk mailing list that if you have ever used OSSV to contribute to OSM then you cannot re-license. So pending a proper legal opinion, I haven’t done so. No such legal opinion has been distributed AFAIK, so I am in limbo. I haven’t used OSSV much, but I have done some.

    1. RWeait Post author

      Hi David,

      Those who only contribute unencumbered data from their surveys and PD-equivalent, or Future-OSM permitted sources may accept the terms now.

      The new Open Government License may come in to play and ease the restrictions on that data in the future.

      The License Working Group is considering a technical solution which should allow contributors like you to accept CT/ODbL without hesitation. In short, (and subject to refinement), you would be able to mark individual changesets as yes/no and add a comment like, “derived from OSSV” for future reference. So if OSSV were to be found acceptable some time after the license change, that changeset could be easily found and considered for re-inclusion.

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