Call for venues: SOTM 2011

Manchester, Limerick, Amsterdam, Girona …. where next? Well, that’s
up to you! The call for venues is now open!

So far, three bids have been presented from three continents. Who
will lead the organizing committee to present a bid for SotM – McMurdo

To be able to make a good decision your proposal should at least
contain the following information:

* Name of the group or individual applying
* Name, address and short description of the proposed conference venue
* A short impression how the State of the Map 2011 would look like
* Ideas for community-building activities
* Information about the city/region (transport, accommodation, etc).
* An estimate of the costs of the venue and catering

Please have your proposal ready by October 15th 2010.

Get more details and prepare your bids now.