2 thoughts on “300,000 OSM contributors and counting

  1. !i!

    Hi, if you refer my posthttp://www.openstreetmap.org/user/!i!/diary/11585You will see that just ~16.000 of this regestrired accounts are active

  2. Harry Wood

    Nice <a href=" http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/OpenStreetMap-reaches-300-000-contributors-1078065.html">mention of this at h-online.com</a> As mr !i! points out, for some measure of "active" there are dramatically fewer "active" contributors than this 300,000 figure (300,000 is just the number of user accounts created so far) That’s completely typical of any online community inviting user contribution. The classic "1-10-100 problem" If you’re after a realistic figure for the number active contributors, you’ll need to decide how to define it, but here’s a couple of interesting recent blog posts with some stats: <a href="http://neis-one.org/2010/08/20/%e2%80%9enominal-members%e2%80%9c-of-osm/">on Pascal Neis’ blog</a> (plus <a href="http://neis-one.org/2010/09/04/%E2%80%9Enominal-members%E2%80%9C-of-osm-ii/">follow up</a>)

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