Project of the Week: Turn Restrictions

One of the most frustrating things about navigating a vehicle through
urban areas are turn restrictions. You want to go right but the sign
says you must go left. Some of the frustration is caused by the
additional driving time and increased number if turns required, but
that frustration is compounded if you didn’t know that the turn
restriction existed in the first place.

With well mapped turn restrictions, you can plan a better route right
from the start, rather than adapting later. The project of the week
is to check and update turn restrictions in your area.

Find out more about checking, adding and fixing turn restrictions,
including tutorials on the OpenStreetMap wiki page for this Project of
the Week.

This is your Project of the Week. Make suggestions. Inspire other mappers.

No Right Turn photo by TheTruthAbout
licensed cc-by-sa

One thought on “Project of the Week: Turn Restrictions

  1. Chaos_99

    Why I don’t tag turn restrictions in osm as often as I would like to: because they don’t stay in memory. I experience them while driving, where I can’t take notes. I don’t remember them later when editing and there are cumbersome to note when on foot.So here is my question: are there any tools to edit them live on the road on my android phone? Most editor for android are still basic and don’t soppurt relations. But I would actually go for a dedicated turn-restrictions-only editor which therefore is fast and very easy to use.Comments and recommendations welcome!

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