JOSM Tutorials?

Over a year ago I did a handful of JOSM tutorials
( /wiki/JOSM ), for example this one on
making a simple edit for the first time using JOSM: , or this one on
merging two ways into one: . JOSM has changed
since then, and I should probably re-do those tutorials. What
tutorials do you think we need to have for JOSM? Are you having
trouble using JOSM? Ask questions in the comments below, and I’ll see
if I can record a video that answers your question.

10 thoughts on “JOSM Tutorials?

  1. Arunmozhi

    I think the in JOSM the is aerial tracing assumes a greater significance. So if you could post some videos on setting up those WMS servers and especially, how to configure JOSM to download Yahoo Imagery (on Linux).

  2. TheCake

    Probably it’s a good idea to point out which chamges in the preferences should be made after setup. Especially the projection method.Also how to create and edit relations show how to use relations for streets to bind buildings and POI to an address.To Be honest: I doubt that it requires a video to understand how to perform simple tasks such as creating ways or merging them.. (don’t the most mappers start their career with postlatch?)

  3. Tobi

    I just cannot get JOSM to downnload the yahoo-tiles on my MAC. So setting up josm with the wms-plugin and configuring it for yahoo on macos would be just too cool!Tobi.

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