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Project of the Week – 04 April 2010 – Play Ball!

This week marks the beginning of the 2010 Major League Baseball season
in the USA.[1] Let’s get out and map the major league parks and their
surroundings. Get the ball park to be sure, but let’s also make sure
that the points of interest to a visiting ball fan are mapped as well.
That means restaurants and bars, fast food and public parking lots,
souvenir shops and pharmacies (for sunscreen and bug spray). Street
addresses very much appreciated.

Read more about this Project of the Week, how you can participate and
some examples.

Rogers Centre photo is cc-by Mike Babcock on Flickr

And a call for participation!

Do you have a mapping story that you would like to share? Do you have
a mapping project that could use some help? Are you starting to think
that my PotW postings are a little too, um, similar? You can help by
contributing a PotW.

Speak at the OpenStreetMap Conference – The State of the Map

Present your ideas, opinions or project to the world’s largest gathering of OpenStreetMap community members – The State of the Map

Do you have something to say to an audience of mappers, hackers and community activists who have revolutionised the way maps are made and used?

Yes? Then this is your opportunity to speak at The State of the Map 2010 – the largest gathering of OpenStreetMappers in the world – attracting hundreds of members of the OpenStreetMap community from around the world to three days of talks, workshops and discussions.   

Previous speakers at State of the Map conferences have included:

And many, many more great talks like these.

This year the State of the Map is inviting talks, posters and workshops on the following themes:

Mapping for the masses

OpenStreetMap has come a long way in the last 5 years.  But how can we make sure OpenStreetMap continues to grow and thrive for the next 5 years?  “Mapping for the Masses” invites speakers to present about their thoughts, opinions, projects or tools that will help OpenStreetMap grow and help its open map become the richest and most detailed in the world.

Living the map

Maps have long been a source of power, control and wealth in the world.  How is OpenStreetMap’s free map changing the communities that you live in or work with?  What are the social implications of a free and open map in different countries around the world?  How can OpenStreetMap help make the world a better place.

OSM Techtalk

OpenStreetMap has a vibrant community of hackers, systems administrators and app developers whose work keeps OpenStreetMap going and growing.  Maybe you are working on a new OpenStreetMap editor, plugin,  renderer, API or application that you’d like to share with everyone.  If you hang out on OSM-Dev, dream in bash syntax and know OpenStreetMap’s API structure off by heart, this is the place for you to share your knowledge and ideas.

Powered by OpenStreetMap

In the last 12 months, OpenStreetMap powered apps have appeared in app stores and on the web like never before.  More organisations from governments to universities, NGOs, navigation providers and web portals are using OpenStreetMap than every before.  This session invites any users of OpenStreetMap to share their experiences creating OpenStreetMap powered applications and services.

Open Floor

OpenStreetMap moves at a very fast pace.  If you are working on a project or have any idea that doesn’t fit into the themes above, we still want to hear from you.

Who Attends State of the Map?

Last year’s State of the Map attracted 300 attendees for three days of talks and workshops from organisations and companies including:

Sign Up to Give a Talk, Poster of Workshop

Do you have something to talk about at The State of the Map 2010?  This year’s conference will be held in Girona, Spain from the 9th – 11th July.  

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Bravo, OSM Haiti editors. You saved lives.

From Where 2.0, Jeffrey Johnson (Open Solutions Group), John Crowley
(STAR-TIDES) and Schuyler Erle (SimpleGeo), “Haiti: CrisisMapping the


At the end, hundreds of OSM editors get a round of applause for
contributing to editing Haiti. And saving lives.

SotM and FOSS4G combo tickets!!

This year two major Geo conferences (SotM and FOSS4G) will be held in Spain. State of the Map in Girona and FOSS4G in nearby Barcelona.
Given that the two conferences are held in close proximity, both organizing teams are of the opinion that people attending both should have a perk!
Therefore, we are proud to announce a discount to people who sign up for both events!


Forget about complicated options for different combos. This mix ticket discount will allow people attending one conference to enjoy a discount on the other. To put it in another way: if you register for the FOSS4G, you get a discount for SotM10. If you are hesitant to go to the FOSS4G but have already registered for SotM10, you’ll have the early bird price no matter how late you sign up.

Already signed up for FOSS4G? No worries. Those who have already registered for the FOSS4G, will be sent an e-mail detailing how to apply for a SotM ticket with 10% discount.

To get the best deal, register with FOSS4G first; while their early bird is still available. You’ll then get a discount-voucher with which you can get 10% discount on SotM tickets.

If you’re into geo, Spain is definitely the place to be this year!