SotM and FOSS4G combo tickets!!

This year two major Geo conferences (SotM and FOSS4G) will be held in Spain. State of the Map in Girona and FOSS4G in nearby Barcelona.
Given that the two conferences are held in close proximity, both organizing teams are of the opinion that people attending both should have a perk!
Therefore, we are proud to announce a discount to people who sign up for both events!


Forget about complicated options for different combos. This mix ticket discount will allow people attending one conference to enjoy a discount on the other. To put it in another way: if you register for the FOSS4G, you get a discount for SotM10. If you are hesitant to go to the FOSS4G but have already registered for SotM10, you’ll have the early bird price no matter how late you sign up.

Already signed up for FOSS4G? No worries. Those who have already registered for the FOSS4G, will be sent an e-mail detailing how to apply for a SotM ticket with 10% discount.

To get the best deal, register with FOSS4G first; while their early bird is still available. You’ll then get a discount-voucher with which you can get 10% discount on SotM tickets.

If you’re into geo, Spain is definitely the place to be this year!