OpenStreetMap data is on your train

From Simon Clayson’s Flickr stream, we learn that OSM iz in yer
tranez. I’m sure that’s what the cool kids would say. More from

Great Western Trains have some seats with airline style LCD
“entertainment” screens. More interesting than paying £1.50 to watch
an episode of Friends is the “You are exactly here” screen which is
free. And it uses Open Street Map! Good work Volo TV.

Simon also tells us that the maps are attributed. He says, There’s
a big notice as you arrive on the page that thanks the “Contributors
of OpenStreetMap”

Photo of OSM map on VOLO:TV by Simon Clayson.
The photo is licensed cc-nc-nd
Hat tip to mikel for pointing this out.

One thought on “OpenStreetMap data is on your train

  1. David

    That is cool. If those trains came oop North it would be entertaining to see a negative altitude at Dundee Tay Bridge station..

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