Jon ‘maddog’ Hall Picks OSM for one of Today’s Six Best OSS Projects

Hot New Projects – In the Eye of the Beholder

From the fine article:

You would think that writing a blog entry on “Hot New OSS Projects”
would not be that difficult. All you should have to do is go to
SourceForge or Freshmeat and see what projects are being downloaded,
or at least accessed, and write about them. Or, hangout on Slashdot or and see what cool things are being shown and talked
about. These days you can even read the mainstream media about Linux
products and projects. And of course there is the site with
its news feeds, discussion groups and projects.

All of these would have been “too easy” for maddog, so of course he
had to do the unthinkable and ask his eclectic group of Linux User
Group (LUG) members what they thought were “Hot, New OSS Projects.”

The first message that came back from the “call for thoughts” was:

“What do you mean by OSS project?” followed by “What do you mean by
new?” and (of course) “What do you mean by Hot’?”

Read the full article on to see where OpenStreetMap finished
on the list.…