TomTom shrugs off free apps threat with new iPhone app

We have the best maps, HD Traffic means people don’t have to get stuck in traffic, and maybe they can leave home a little later. There are services like OpenStreetMap, and it’s good, but sometimes there’s not a bridge when it told you there would be.

Good to see we’ve moved to stage 2 with TomTom in the classic “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

7 thoughts on “TomTom shrugs off free apps threat with new iPhone app

  1. longwayround

    Mr Tom ought perhaps to try navigating around Horwich via OSM. Thomas Thomas’s mapping there is dreadful.

  2. Robert

    I bet anything there’s at least one (significant) bridge within 10km of me that OSM has but TomTom doesn’t.

  3. mungewell

    Ok, my car GPS is not a TomTom, but the road junction near my (rural Canadian) house is about 20 years out of date. Strangely OpenStreetMap has is correct…. There is simply no way ‘they’ can keep up with crowd sourcing once critical mass is reached.

  4. Russ

    Funnily enough, I’ve got an example of the exact opposite:In November 2009, floods damaged several bridges in Workington, Cumbria (UK), including the A597, making them impassable. Within a few days, the OSM map had been updated: months later, the TomTom map at still shows the bridges in Workington as being passable, and will route people over them.

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