Integrating OpenStreetMap in Bing Maps (Part 1) – Windows Live

Integrating OpenStreetMap in Bing Maps (Part 1)



Bing Maps has a very good coverage with roadmaps and aerial imagery. However, there are regions where our data providers have gaps. Crowed-sourcing of geospatial data might be an option to fill these gaps and one of the most active communities is around OpenStreetMap. The OpenStreetMap data is available under the Create Common Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 License which means that as long as you provide the correct attribution to the source you should be fine to integrate the data with Bing Maps.

While it is theoretically possible to link directly to the OpenStreetMap tile servers, users who have a high load are requested to run their own tile servers. This also allows you to take control over availability and scalability of the tile servers.

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  1. Christopher

    Uh, could you please make it clearer that this is a partial "re-post" of someone else’s blog? It wasn’t until I found the teeny tiny link at the end that I realised what was going on.

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