Project of the week – keepright (bugs in OSM) and a howto video

This weeks project of the week is keepright, a automagical bug system which highlights a range of errors in OpenStreetMap. So get involved and fix things near you. If there aren’t any bugs near you, there are many around the world and especially in the US to be fixed.

Here’s a howto video on using the system:


One thought on “Project of the week – keepright (bugs in OSM) and a howto video

  1. Pink Duck

    It’s important to state that with KeepRight! you should update the error marker once the fix has been uploaded to OSM so that someone else doesn’t respond to something that’s already been sorted. Similarly, if the error reported is erroneous then it can be temporarily marked as such. Other users can then filter fixed and erroneous error flags from the map to make searching for an actual error to fix easier. KeepRight! typically updates its database of errors on a weekly basis.

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