OSM in Qt on the S60

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Like I promised few days ago, here is the demo that shows tile-based OpenStreetMap rendering on Qt/S60. If you never heard of OpenStreetMap before, it is “a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world” (from its Wikipedia entry). You can try it at www.openstreetmap.org. It might not be as complete as other maps solutions, but surprisingly, OpenStreetMap coverage for many world big cities are detailed enough for most users.

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  1. Max

    That’s good to hear. But for fairness’s sake, I’d like to mention that we-travel (http://we-travel.co.cc) works with OSM tiles for a while now, vector-based (so you can customize the rendering on high zoom), does routing on country-level maps, with voice directions, off-line (no connection required), and does all this as a free Java midlet (on S60-phones inclusive of course). See an old-ish video here:


    And no, I’m just a happy user, nothing more.

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