OSM in The Guardian

Good article:

For five years, people have been contributing to OpenStreetMap – the Wikipedia-like attempt to create a free, user-generated map of the world.

Thanks to the project, millions of people now use free maps online or on their phones, and OpenStreetMap covers large swathes of major cities around the globe. In fact, it’s got so much information that some users in Germany are now plotting incredible amounts of detail – such as the location of individual trees.

2 thoughts on “OSM in The Guardian

  1. sam

    Do individual trees get rendered anywhere? Can someone post a link? I was thinking of putting in some daftly minute details for around here (Freo, Australia), but thought there’d be no point if the data were never used.

    And huzza for the grauniad’s ongoing sensiblness around all things open-data-ish!

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