Help me make your map better

I’m trying an experiment with walking-papers. Get all my non-mapping friends to print out a map of their area, write on the print out the errors, house numbers etc and then I will do the rest. I’ve tweeted here:

“Help me make your map better – what you think?”

You can too. Get your friends, family… even enemies involved. Re-tweet or facebook status update with that, or ask them to send you the paper yourself.

This is a great way to get lots more people involved, and spread your mapping efforts. For bonus points, next time you see your Aunt Ethel print it out for her, or get all your workmates to fix their home areas. Buy a pint for the person with the best map updates.

One thought on “Help me make your map better

  1. Skippern

    Great, I was actually looking for something like that to make a notepad of areas I need to put in addresses and amenities. I ended up procuring a sketchbook at work, and drawing the various roads by hand, but this will improve the work greatly. Now I need to procure a clipboard instead 😀

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