State of the Map Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 15 scholarship recipients. We had 35 nominations, from 19 countries, so no easy choice. Thanks to all the nominations .. we hope you can all attend as well.

Will be extremely great to have all these mappers together in Amsterdam!

  • Abdel Hassan from Cairo, Egypt
  • Anas Maraqa from Palestinian West Bank
  • Anatolie Golovco from Moldova
  • Arlindo Pereira from Brazil
  • Arun Ganesh from Chennai, India
  • Asif Rasul from Punjab, Pakistan
  • Ciprian Talaba from Romania
  • Claudomiro Nascimento Jr from Brazil
  • Marloue O. Pidor from the Phillippines
  • Freddy Rivera from Colombia
  • Giorgi Gujabidze from Tbilisi, Georgia
  • H.S. Rai from Punjab, India
  • Jorge Luis BATISTA Echevarría from Havana, Cuba
  • Julio Costa Zambelli from Vina del Mar, Chile
  • Khanh Le Ngoc Quoc from Vietnam
  • Nic Roets from Johannesburg, South Africa

One thought on “State of the Map Scholarship Winners

  1. Skippern

    A big congratulations to all of you. Hope you represent your countries well, and bring home a lot of experience and inspiration to bring on to your fellow mappers, and help recruit more mappers.

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