Volunteers needed now. OSM for Myanmar disaster relief.

Are you familiar with setting up Mapnik and TileCache, and other components of the OSM stack? Do you want to volunteer time to help support disaster relief in Myanmar?

We’re urgently looking for one or two developers with time, right now, to help set up OpenStreetMap infrastructure in Myanmar.

Due to network constraints, to start they require tile rendering locally. They’ll be collecting data for OSM too, to provide very up to date maps of impacted areas. OSM will be integrated with Sahana. This system could very well be crucial in the relief and recovery efforts, and a great benefit to the people of Myanmar.

Brett Henderson has been working hard setting things up. But we can definitely use more help here. If you are interested to volunteer your technical skills, get in touch with me at “mikel at osmfoundation dot org”.

One thought on “Volunteers needed now. OSM for Myanmar disaster relief.

  1. heimdallr

    Hi There. I am in the process of adding streets for downtown Yangon but it will take a bit longer to make the updates. If there are other areas of the country that I could focus on, I have very good access to data for Myanmar.

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