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Scholarships available to State of the Map 2011

Today the State of the Map committee announced a program to cover full travel and accommodation costs for mappers to attend State of the Map 2011 in Denver, Colorado (United States).

More information about scholarships can be found on the State of the Map website and the OSM wiki page

Here are the general guidelines: 

 *candidates should be from places where costs would prohibit attendance, developing countries and places that are “interesting” geopolitically. 

 *ideal candidates for funding are from countries with a small OSM community, perhaps just a few mappers in total.

*nominees have made a significant start at mapping their city, either through imagery or with their own GPS, and are directly familiar with the process of OSM. They may have started communicating among themselves, and made plans and scoped out the process for their local district. But, the community is nowhere near critical mass, and they need the inspiration and support to take OSM to the next level.


Nominations should be sent to scholarship@stateofthemap.org. For each nomination, include the mappers name, OSM user name, email address, location, and a paragraph or two on why they’d be great to have at SOTM. Self nominations are accepted.

The nomination period is open until June 25th and the number of scholarships rewarded will be based on the success of fund-raising. You can also be part of the Sponsor-a-Mapper program, to help fund deserving mappers to attend State of the Map.