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Weekly OSM Summary #2

11/14/2010 – 11/21/2010

Every week a lot of things are happening in the OpenStreetMap world. New map renderings are created, new services are released and the map gets better and better every day. It can be hard to keep track of all the different communication channels and don’t miss any important news. Since we read most of those channels anyway, we decided to collect all the things we find newsworthy enough to list them at the end of the week here. To every news we’ve attached a short description and you can always find more information on the linked websites. Enjoy!

For more news, especially regarding new tags and wiki pages, you can check-out the community-updates over here.

Authors: PascalJonas, Matthias & Brice.
We missed something? You want to help us collecting the news for next week’s issue? 
You can contact us via mail or Twitter.