Can you help the Operations Working Group?

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The OSM Operations Working Group is a volunteer group, responsible for running of the servers owned by the OpenStreetMap Foundation. 
We are always keen to find new members and we are particularly looking for people who:

  • can analyse our server infrastructure
  • make plans
  • forecast future hardware needs
  • draw up budgets

This does involve a certain level of technical expertise but it’s not writing code, for example, and OWG membership doesn’t grant access to any of the servers – that’s for our Sysadmins. If you would like to join us, have a read of our membership policy, and please get in touch!

Some additional information:

  • OWG’s main communication channels are Github and email. We rarely have meetings.
  • Estimate of hours per week: 1-3

Email us at
We are also on Twitter @OSM_Tech

If you have the technical expertise and experience to be a sysadmin, read our sysadmin membership policy and get in touch.

OSM Operations Working Group

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