£36k raised, £20k to go

We’re seeing a steady flow of donations large and small coming in. At £36,052 we’re well over half way to our fund-raising goal. A big thanks to Mapzen and Mapbox who kicked off in style, each with a donation of US$20,000!


With awareness spreading quickly now, we’ve doubled the number of people donating just in the past 24 hours! Each supporter can choose to be named on the donations page, and leave a message to us, so if you didn’t do so already, make a donation now!

Find out all about the server funding drive and donate on:


Don’t forget you can also support OpenStreetMap by becoming a member: as an individual or as a corporation.

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5 thoughts on “£36k raised, £20k to go

  1. Ben

    Great but… it’s been like 2 weeks already. Only 2 companies have donated? Where are Telenav, Foursquare or any of the hundreds of other companies that benefit from OSM? Do we have to raise the full amount from regular folks? Something doesn’t seem right.

    1. HarryWood Post author

      Isn’t it impressive that OpenStreetMap can operate on a mere £56,000? (That’s the funding target because the Operations Working Group volunteers have said that’s what they’ll be needing for the next year) Just £56K while still delivering the global impact and economic benefits OpenStreetMap does. It’s peanuts. But yes it would be a shame if that money was raised just from regular folks.

      Of course the only reason it’s so cheap to deliver so much impact, is our wonderful global army of volunteers. Something doesn’t feel right? Nothing ever feels right when money’s involved in this sort of community. All sorts of awkward questions everywhere. I’m supposed to be working to earn my salary while writing this… that’s awkward.

      But yes on the whole I think you’re right. It would be good if more companies (especially data beneficiaries) got their big wallets out on these occasions. Foursquare for example, could look at this and say “£56,000? Pah! Here you go”. Would be nice hey? 🙂

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