Two million OpenStreetMap contributors!

The two millionth account was registered this week, marking another milestone in the continuous and phenomenal growth of OpenStreetMap.

Two million contributors are surveying their neighbourhood, and contributing to the open map of everything. We aren’t done yet. There are still neighbourhoods where we need more mappers, the goal is a mapper on every block.

Celebrate this milestone with a neighbourhood survey to improve your local data. Celebrate further by introducing a friend in another town to OpenStreetMap and teach them how to contribute data from their neighbourhood. We’re still growing. The data is still improving. We’ll get to four million in no time at all with the help of our

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11 thoughts on “Two million OpenStreetMap contributors!

  1. Ioannis

    I hate to be the one to ask this but…

    does this count active contributors, or just registered accounts? And if it’s the former, what are the conditions to be counted as a contributor?

    1. Gregory Marler

      As you suggest, it is registered accounts on The definition of an active contributor will vary depending who you ask. Indeed you don’t need to have an account to contribute and help the project, there are also people who edit/improve the account (a different registration system), submit information through websites like, help with meet up groups, and a load of other contributions that I’ll forget if I try to list them all.

      For users editing the map database, there are some statistics available here (and perhaps other places):
      For example, over 150,000 users made at least one edit in 2014.

      This site suggests there are 369,482 members who have edited at least one node.

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