Weekly OSM Summary #89

February 10th, 2014 – February 24th, 2014
A summary of all the things happening in the OpenStreetMap world.

Authors: Pascal & Dennis – (thx @ “Wochennotiz”)

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5 thoughts on “Weekly OSM Summary #89

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  2. Sedhaus

    Hi – I’m just posting here because I didn’t know where else to, but is there an appropriate place to post a feature-request/feature idea?

    I’m aware getting insane (and often technically infeasible) ‘suggestions is one of the more tiresome aspects of working on an open-source project, but I think the feature I’m interested sits pretty comfortably in the trifecta of ease-of-implementation, usefulness, and newness.

    Basically, like many people, I move house regularly – maybe three times a year. One of the major problems each time I move is how to ensure I’m within commute-distance of work. Now, one way of solving this is to draw a circle around work, then choose a house within that circle. However, that’s very crude, since it doesn’t take account of the fact that a good public transport connection could make somewhere on the other side of the city, in terms of travel time, ‘closer’.

    Now, I figure with OSM, you already have the ability to search for the quickest route between points A and B. But, what would be really useful would be a way of showing the shape of all the places within a given travel-time of a point. I figure you could use the same technique as you use for searching for the most efficient route, but simply mark on the map anywhere that’s within a certain time, regardless of route taken.

    So instead of the circle, you would have an actual distribution of all the places you can live while still keeping your commute reasonable.

    This would be a really useful feature, google maps doesn’t have it, and I think it wouldn’t be terribly hard to implement.

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