OpenStreetMap Enhances User Privacy

Today, OpenStreetMap has enabled encryption (SSL) to all of the website, thereby enhancing the privacy of its users.

You can now browse the site at (note the ‘https’). This means your browsing activity is secure from snooping.

OpenStreetMap stands with the Open Rights Group and the Electronic Frontier Foundation in asserting greater Internet freedom, including the right to individual privacy. With this action providing the highest quality Free/Open Data Geographic resource to everyone.

We are proud to roll this out on the same day as the “Day We Fight Back” campaign.

Other aspects of privacy around OpenStreetMap are discussed on this wiki page.

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32 thoughts on “OpenStreetMap Enhances User Privacy

  1. Susan H

    Susan H

    It’s great to see SSL/TLS on OSM

    It’s a great pity you didn’t also enable Forward Secrecy at the same time.

    Is there any reason why FS wasn’t enabled? Are there any plans to enabled it in the future?

  2. Ivan

    Great news.

    I’m using the HTTPS Everywhere extension for my browser. But when i log in to OSM it doesn’t automatically redirects me to https:// as it does with other websites, any body knows why?

  3. Niemand

    Is anyone else able to see the map? I’m not. It puts up the frame, chugs awhile as though it’s populating the viewport with tiles, and then stops. I’ve tried http and https, re-scaled up and down, but just get the same non-response response. Google maps work as per usual, so it’s not a general problem.

      1. Niemand

        Now it loads. Someone must have done something to fix it, because it wasn’t loading either on this system or my laptop when I posted.

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    1. HarryWood

      Because it takes time to set these thing up. See Grant’s comment above. Presumably HTTPS enthusiasts will be pleased that they’ve started with the main things first (the main site and map tiles)

  5. Spoony

    Hi! On the HTTPS page, the function “Edit > Edit with Remote
    Control (JOSM or Merkaartor)” doesn’t work anymore with JOSM on my
    Windows 7 system.
    Can anybody confirm this?

  6. derstefan

    Thank you very much for the encryption. Is there any way to redirect visitors (of the www web interface) to https? In my opinion the web interface should be encrypted by default. Due to the valid certificate this should not cause any trouble to normal users.

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