Toronto OpenStreetMap Developer Weekend

Come one, come all, to the Second Canadian OpenStreetMap Developer Weekend, eh? 

As last year, Ryerson University is providing a dry roof overhead, lots of space, and rock solid wifi for the software development portion of event. 

There will also be a public event, possibly an expert panel, Friday afternoon at Ryerson.  Details to follow.

Also as last year, there will be a ton of socializing and meeting and greeting with the local OSM community Friday night and Saturday night. 

Last year, attendees travelled to Toronto from England, The Netherlands, USA and even the Toronto suburbs.  Join the fun!  See you in Toronto. 

Sign up now on the wiki so we can plan for your arrival and the requisite Red Carpet.  

And there are sponsorship opportunities!  Want to sponsor a core developer who could otherwise not participate?  Want to buy the coders dinner and a few drinks?  Let me know.