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What is the best song for your music player while you survey data for OpenStreetMap? Can you keep yourself entertained and inspired with a great playlist while you survey, or is the music too distracting? Are there songs that remind you of mapping? In past, some have suggested specific songs as anthems for mappers.

The following songs each have the words open, street, and map in them, though not in the string we prefer.

  • Map of Tasmania – Amanda Palmer
  • Soldier – Destiny’s Child
  • Movies – Lil’ Boosie
  • Home to Me – Jimmy Robbins
  • My Crew – Jean Grae

Are there more songs with the words Open, Street, and Map in them?  Which songs or music would you suggest as a mapping anthem, or to inspire and motivate your surveys? Use the comments below to discuss. I’ll add some CanCon suggestions tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Songs about maps

  1. Jochen Topf

    I always thought "My Way" popularized by Frank Sinatra should be our theme song. Especially the lines "I traveled each and every highway" and "I did it my way" seem to fit perfectly, but there is more in this geat song that sounds like somebody reminiscing about their experience with OpenStreetMap.

  2. Richard Weait

    For a little variety in your mapping music, try:* <a href=""><q>Maps</q&gt; – Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs</a>. This song includes the lyric, <q>Maps. Wait. They don’t love you like I love you.</q>, which could totally be an analogy or something. * <a href=""><q>Aside</q&gt; – The Weakerthans</a>. The song rhymes <q>wonder and uncertainty</q> with <q>amature cartography</q>. Plus, <a href="">The Weakerthans</a> are from Winnipeg, so there’s your CanCon requirements, fulfilled. :-)<sup>1</sup><sup>1</sup>Kidding of course. This blog has no <a href="">CanCon</a&gt; obligations.

  3. neuhausr

    Bob Mould – Thumbtack: sad song where the lover’s thumbtack on the map keeps marking a place he doesn’t go+1 to Maps and Legends (the boys from Athens even recorded it in London!)

  4. Elize

    Really like this one by Mojave 3 – prayer for the paranoid (album Excuses for travellers)"You were born with a compass A map on your table. Tell me how did you find out Your bearings were wrong"

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