New Australian caching server

Posted to the talk-au mailing list some news from Grant Slater and the sysadmin team:

Have you noticed faster tiles this week? Australia now has a map caching server located in Brisbane. The server is used to speed up the standard “Mapnik” map style.

Browsing the map on should now be more responsive. This new server, named ‘bunyip’, first started providing tiles on Tuesday.

We thank Kris Amy for providing the server and hosting. Thank you, Kris!

If anyone experiences any issues or hiccups, please let me know.


Server specs are here

OpenStreetMap tile servers use GeoDNS (PowerDNS with Geo backend) to locate the closest tile server. The DNS regions / cache-server can be viewed here.

To check which server you are being directed to use the command:

Grant – Part of OSM sysadmin team

This post is also available in: Russian

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  1. booo

    Do we have a list of servers participating in the GeoDNS tile setup? Is there any general description/documentation of the setup? What qualifies a server to participate in the network? Are there any scripts/docs that do help me with setting up a tile cache?

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