sued by Canada Post

Canada Post has filed suit against in Federal Court. provides a crowd sourced Canadian post code database, available as Open Data under ODC’s ODbL.

The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic CIPPIC will represent, and you can help by donating to their legal defense fund.

Details can be found with the announcement on the web site.

One thought on “ sued by Canada Post

  1. Max

    I fail to see how any Executive Idiot could have seen this – a PR nightmare at best – as a great idea. One cannot go up against open source these days and avoid being seen as the villain. This is _not_ the "peer-to-peer story", and they should have known better. Or they must be really feeling desperate clinging to a business they can’t hold on to. I do certainly hope the case gets thrown out for being the ridiculous claim that it is as soon as possible.

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