Weekly OSM Summary #33

December 12th, 2011 – January 1st, 2012

A summary of all the things happening in the OpenStreetMap (OSM) world.

  • On Dec. 24th, 2011, OSM reached the goal of £15,000 in donations for new hardware that is needed for the OSM project. Thanks to all donators!
  • A new video shows all edits made in OpenStreetMap in 2011.
  • The OSM system administrator created a list with the “Top Ten Tasks“. Developers are welcome!
  • The OSM domains are now registered at gandi.net. Why?
  • A blog post by Nestoria about switching from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap and some interesting comments. MIT published a similar article about the switch from Google Maps to OSM.
  • “The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked HOT and the Stand By Task Force (SBTF) to be activated to map health facilities in Libya.” Read more here. Also, the HOT Board has two new members.
  • How are your road conditions? A nice OSM application for St. Petersburg.
  • The Overpass API has been updated to a new API version wich included some bug fixes and new features. More about the Overpass API can be found here.
  • The ArgGIS Editor OSM 2.0 beta has been published. To be able to use this editor you need to purchase the ArcGIS for Home software.
  • Blog post by Chris Hill about the OSM license change and the remapping procedure.
  • Simon Poole created a first CLEANMAP. A map using ODbL licensed OSM data only.
  • A Youtube video shows how you can resolve license problems in OSM Editor JOSM.
  • Taginfo also shows tag combinations now. You do not know Taginfo? Read this.
  • Osmbugs.org has a new GUI and is no longer redirecting to openstreetbugs.schokokeks.org.
  • MapStalt – A simple OSM POI-editor for Windows phones.
  • OpenFixMap is an android application that shows OpenStreetMap errors from MapDust, OpenStreetBugs and KeepRight. The source code is available here.
  • With Smrender you can render sea maps based on Mapnik and OSM.
  • A new JOSM APT repository for Ubuntu is available online. For details see here.
  • A new plug-in helps to add SRTM elevation information to OSM Nodes using OSMOSIS.
  • The X-Plane flight simulator uses OSM data? How? Read this blog post to get some more information.

Did we miss something? You can contact us via weekly.osm@googlemail.com

Authors: Pascal & Dennis – (thx @ “Wochennotiz”)