Weekly OSM Summary #26

September 5th, 2011 – September 18th, 2011

A summary of all the things happening in the OpenStreetMap (OSM) world.

  • The elections for the new board members of the OSM Foundation (OSMF) are over: “Congratulations to our new board members: Richard Fairhurst, Matt Amos, and Dermot McNally. Mikel Maron was also re-elected for the board.
  • Several slides and videos of the State of the Map (SotM) 2011 in Denver are online. You will find everything here.
  • Some notes from the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Meetup at the SotM 2011 in Denver are listened here.
  • “The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is currently investigating the use of OSM for the capital of the Guinea-Bissau“. Read the full announcement here. You can help here!
  • Blog Post about MapKiberia and the accident in Mukuru: „Building community resilience, because it’s not if but when“.
  • Interesting article at iRevolution about „OpenStreetMap’s New Micro-Tasking Platform for Satellite Imagery Tracing“. Read the full blog post here.
  • Nice video of the mapping progress in Georgia, watch it on Youtube.
  • „The OSM-US GeoBus is back!“ WTF? Read more here 🙂
  • A new mailing list has been created for the development of the “Ruby on Rails-powered“ OSM webpage.
  • If you want to create OSM maps with the Adobe Illustrator, you can find a nice tutorial with seven steps here.
  • The new OSGeo-Live DVD with a bunch of geospatial open source applications has been released.
  • Osmo is a free tool which can import OSM data into a MongoDB collection.
  • The Main OSM website is now running with OpenLayers 2.11. With this change it has improved mobile support.

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Authors: Pascal & Dennis – (thx @ “Wochennotiz”)