Introducing Zark

Zark, during installation.

Zark is the newest OpenStreetMap server. Give Zark a warm welcome. Continuing the in the tradition of naming OSM servers after dragons, the name “Zark” is taken from the Eidolon Chronicles/Shadow World books by Jane Johnson.

The first task for Zark will be to serve as a trial / evaluation server for the OWL – OpenStreetMap Watch List service. OWL’s popularity on the dev server has lead to performance problems and long update delays. After more than a year of development and increasing popularity of OWL’s ability to follow local changes without distracting “Big” changesets, moving OWL to Zark will make this service even more effective for mappers.

Many thanks to for donating this server.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Zark

  1. jekader

    Great news! I’ve been using OWL since it first appeared to monitor nearby areas. Happy to see that it gets a separate server!

    PS – the good part of this chassis is that it’s based on the “desktop” LGA775 CPU socket, so the xeon3060 can be easily replaced with a q6700, which has double the cores and L2 cache! Plus it’s cheap.

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