All about tiles.

The Ordnance Survey recently announced that they had served the one billionth
tile from their OS OpenSpace program. They continue:

OS Openspace was launched on January 31 2008, to enable developers to
produce exciting and innovative ways of displaying information using
our maps. On average there are over 1 million tile downloads per day.

We, at OpenStreetMap, are pleased to see additional map tile sources
available for use in creative ways, such as Ordnance Survey’s own
internal car share program.

Congratulations to Ordnance Survey on the growth of their tile program.

Of course, OS does more than just serve tiles, they are also the
national mapping agency for Great Britain.

OpenStreetMap knows a thing or two about serving map tiles as well.
OpenStreetMap Foundation servers deliver about 4 million tiles per
hour. We deliver a billion tiles every 11 days. And OpenStreetMap
does all of this with donations and volunteers. Donations from people like you allow the OpenStreetMap Foundation to purchase the servers and
hosting and bandwidth that hold the OSM database, serve the community
of OpenStreetMap mappers and serve tiles. Volunteers, like the
indefatigable team of server administrators, keep all of this hardware

Congratulations also to us. OpenStreetMap creates and updates a
global geo dataset every minute, provides services to citizen
cartographers around the world and serves up-to-date tiles on a
tremendous scale.

You can join OpenStreetMap and start improving the map now.

Tile photo by vidalia_11 is
licensed CC-By-SA