Project of the Week: State of the Map – EU

Project of the Week is taking a little hiatus while we’re enjoying the
State of the Map – Europe conference
in Vienna this week. One of the presentations at SotM-EU11 will be on
Project of the Week. Be part of the presentation by running quick to
this poll. Tell us your favourite Project of the Week so far!

State of the Map – Girona photo by Chris Fleming is
licensed CC-By-SA

2 thoughts on “Project of the Week: State of the Map – EU

  1. Allison Stine

    I’m so mad that i missed it, i am sure it was a great experience for everybody. Do you know when State of the Map will be again? Thanks a lot.

  2. Gregory Marler

    The next State of the Map will be in Denver in September, there’s still time to register! I’ve only decided to go last weekend. http://stateofthemap.orgThe State of the Map is usually once a year, some time in summer. The exact date/location for 2012 is yet to be decided, and depending on that there may or may not be a European State of the Map.

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