OpenStreetMap OpenID now open


OpenStreetMap now allows accounts to be authenticated with OpenID as
an additional, optional authentication method for some OSM functions.
You may ignore this if you are not interested in OpenID. Some users
find OpenID an interesting way to reduce the number of passwords they
have to use in their travels on the internet.

If you have an existing OpenID or wish to create an OPenID for use
with OpenStreetMap, have a look at the OSM OpenID page on the wiki for important caveats.

Both Kai and Tom were key in
writing and implementing these improvements. Be sure to thank them if
you like OPenID. Perhaps buy them a beverage when you see them.

One thought on “OpenStreetMap OpenID now open

  1. ijturton

    This seems not to work if you already have an account and want to add the openid to it. Just tries to make me a new account when I log in. So I can’t login at all or add my openid either.

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