OpenStreetMap editing for beginners

OpenStreetMap contributor, David Ellams has
created a second instructional video for new OpenStreetMap
contributors. Have a look and point newcomers at them.

Part 1: Add a point of interest
[vimeo w=500&h=283]

Part 2: Add a road or area
[vimeo w=500&h=283]

4 thoughts on “OpenStreetMap editing for beginners

  1. tantozero

    I think these videos are really well made so I subtitled them in English (check them if you want) and Italian. [1] [2]I used "Universal Subtitles" .org which "is an easy way to add subtitles, captions, or translate video on the web working in a collaborative Wikipedia-like fashion. It’s free and open source." Well… OSM-like fashion ;-)Unfortunatly, OSM Wiki doesn’t embed videos (this [3] would be nice). Maybe you could update this page to embed the two videos with subtitles, so Wiki pages could link here.[1]

  2. milliams

    @tantozero: Great work. I’ve made a few minor changes to the English version. You should probably post this to the mailing list (probably as a reply to the original announcement) since subtitles are a really important element in international projects as well as for the hard of hearing.

  3. tantozero

    @ milliamsThank you for corrections and the Wiki add (I was just going to do it 🙂

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