Weekly OSM Summary #15

March 31th, 2011 – April 17th, 2011

A summary of all the things happening in the OpenStreetMap world.

  • The Preliminary program of the State of the Map Europe is out.
  • The third phase of the OSM license change starts on Sunday (April 17th 2011).
  • Toby Murray created a diagram of OSM members accepting/declining the new license and contributor terms
  • OSM’s contribution to the Haiti reconstruction is recognized by the Disaster Relief 2.0 report by the UN Foundation.
  • An article about a Humanitarian OSM Mapping Party in France.
  • Mikel Maron writes about Googles assumed „OpenData“ initiatives like MapMaker and their own Mapping Parties. A response from Frederik Ramm and Mikels second blog post.
  • Two weeks ago the German OpenStreetMap conference FOSSGIS 2011 took place in Heidelberg. There are video recordings of almost all the OSM talks here (in German obviously).
  • Rostock is the first German city, which has nearly all house numbers in OSM (only in German).
  • There will be a Taginfo Developer Workshop on May 7th/8th 2011 in Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • It seems that in Mitrovica (Kosovo) an edit war is coming up.
  • The City Saransk in Russia was mapped in 50 hours in an online mapping party. You can see the evolution in a video here.
  • Results of the hackweekend in London are in. The next hackweekend is already in the planning .
  • “Great Britain completely mapped in less than a year?”
  • Peter Reed created a tagging stat of the cycle-infrastructure in Great Britain.
  • The new OpenEcoMaps is available for some areas in Great Britain now. It displays “green data” from OSM as an overlay.
  • An experimental API server with Membase is online. Read more in jkoshys blog.
  • Steve Coast talks at “GeoWeb and Law” (after 3:40min)
  • The French ministry of justice website has a slippy map with an option to use OSM tiles.
  • OpenStreetBlock – a web service for turning a given lat/lon coordinate (e.g. 40.737813,-73.997887) into a textual description of the actual city block to which the coordinate points (e.g. “West 14th Street bet. 6th Ave. & 7th Ave”) using OpenStreetMap data.”
  • The Google Maps Terms of Service have been modified with a number of changes that relate to advertising and usage limits. Remember that OSM also has a tile usage policy for its servers, but of course you can always setup your own tile server (using Tile Drawer for example) or use tiles hosted by third parties like MapQuest.
  • MapQuest has released three new services. The XAPI service is using the newly developed Java XAPI. The Nominatim Pre-indexed Data Service can be used to speed up your own Nominatim installation process. The Broken Polygon Report for Nominatim can be used to fix polygon data in OSM.

Authors: Jonas, Pascal & Dennis
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