Scientific American: Mapping the food desert

Scientific American has just published an article Amateur Cartographers Map Local ‘Food Desert’ by Francie Diep on urban
food quality.

A volunteer effort to map all the food stores in Brooklyn,
New York, is an example of two rising trends: citizen mapping and
increasing scrutiny of urban Americans’ access to healthy

Brooklyn Food Coalition are using OpenStreetMap to present their data
on the web.


Deli photo by Catherine is licensed

One thought on “Scientific American: Mapping the food desert

  1. dittaeva

    @bklynfoodconf Looks like you’re not contributing back to OpenStreetMap: "We are currently running this database as an invite-only beta. If you’d like to help add and edit locations, please contact us for an invite." Why? All, or parts of your information is relevant and useful directly in OSM and you could easily make a heat map using OSM f. ex.

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