Weekly OSM Summary #11

02/14/2011 – 02/24/2011

A summary of all the things happening in the OpenStreetMap world:

  • The True Offset web service is available since last week. True Offset aims to create a database of correction data for aerial imagery offsets.
  • The call for papers for this year’s SOTM.EU in Vienna is still open till the 28th of February. All the accepted speakers will get a free ticket to the conference. The organizing team is also looking for sponsors for the conference.
  • Travel Discounts for the SOTM conference in Denver are now available.
  • JOSM (latest) now supports MapCSS, a CSS like map style language this is also used by Potlatch 2.
  • ScanAerial is the successor of the JOSM plugin “Fuzzer” for the automatic tracing of seas and other water areas. The developer is looking for people to test the plugin and report bugs.
  • Forum user kendzi has developed a JOSM plugin that displays the scenery in 3D.
  • User:vvoovv has found a way to use Google Sketchup as an OSM editor.
  • OSMembrane is a new java application that offers a graphical user interface for Osmosis, the popular command line tool for manipulating large quantities of OSM data.
  • KeyPadMapper is an Android App specialized for mapping of house numbers.
  • The new MapQuest Android App has a dedicated OSM mode.
  • TileMill is a new open source map designing studio.
  • A chart visualizing “the most prolific contributors in the region and how contribution volume (not to be confused with quality!) changes over time.”
  • Maxim Dubinin has created some stats about the OSM community in Russia.
  • A new import is starting in Georgia.
  • DIY-StreetView is yet another initiative to make an open street view.
  • MapQuest is looking for projects that use its open services and could be presented at SXSW.
  • Everyone who missed the HOT conference call can listen to a recording of it and look at the notes here.
  • Steve Coast is looking for someone to take over future development of Transiki.org.

Authors: Pascal, Jonas & Dennis
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