2 thoughts on “Entertaining panel at geoloco

  1. Friend of metadata

    Meta: Geo-Loco Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 — San Francisco, CA.Panel Title: It’s the content, stupidIf Content is King, then where are the big opportunities for geo-loco content?a) What content will be differentiating and what will be commodity?b) Who will control the content and its monetizationc) Do you have to roll your own content or is there a business in aggregation?d) What issues and opportunities does this creates for new and existing businessesModerator: Marc PrioleauPanel: Matt Galligan (SimpleGeo), Tom Coates (geo-loco expert), Ian White (Urban Mapping), Ryan McIntyre (Foundry Group), Andreas S. Weigend (Social Data Revolution)Source:http://geoloco.tv/agenda

  2. harry_wood

    21 mins 15 secs : "OpenStreetMap, probably the great unsung hero of social collaboration, literally a map of the planet created with public sources and individuals going around tracking"

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