Weekly OSM Summary #10

02/01/2011 – 02/14/2011

A summary of all the things happening in the OpenStreetMap world:

  • Bing launched an experimental service, which automatically traces ways from aerial images; A JOSM plug-in can be found here (JOSM-Plugin) and a demo without Silverlight here (Demo). More information about the official announcement and the method that is being used can be found at Andrew Turner’s blog post: “Automatic Road Detection – the Good and the Bad” and at Microsoft’s project member Ido Omer’s post at OSM-Talk.
  • The openstreetmap.de map has a new style! It is the result of collaboration work between Beate Braun’s bachelor-thesis and Geofabrik. The design is based on the Mapnik-Style and has a few new adjustments.
  • OpenCycleMap gets some small updates too – Here you can read more in Andy’s blog.
  • A new program visualizes OSM in 3D. A lot of developers that are currently working on topics that include OSM and 3D can meet at an OSM Wiki page now.
  • A flow animation of hiring bikes in London based on OpenStreetMap.
  • The future of Tiles@Home and how it could go on. Up to now the server and clients are not active yet and still under development.
  • New blog post by the Working Groups of the OSM-Foundation.
  • A User has been banned from the OSMF by the Data Working Group. He was tracing data from Google Maps. All his edits in OpenStreetMap have been deleted. Read more in the OSMF-talk mailing list.
  • Matthias Meißer is working on a worldwide Map of OSM usergroups. Germany has already such a map at openstreetmap.de.
  • A new project, OpenDEM, would like to collect an “Open Digital Elevation Model (OpenDEM)” of the world.
  • New Zealand starts its own OSM portal: www.openstreetmap.org.nz.
  • Really nice “Point-of-Interest (POI)” map-demo for Paris: http://demo.3liz.fr/osminterest
  • SPOT donates images of the Ivory Coast for HOT.
  • You can register for the next SotM now! The conference will take place in Denver, Colorado from September 9th until September 11th,2011; some early registration discounts are available here (link). More Information can be found in the Wiki. Also, the winner of the Logo competition has been announced. Congratulation!
  • The upcoming WhereCampEU will take place in Berlin (May 27th and 28th).
  • February 16th, 2011 is a public HOT conference call.
  • The next “Open Knowledge Conference” (OKCon 2011) will be held in Berlin from June 30th till July 1st (via Talk-de).
  • Christoph Eckert wrote a blog post about the OSM-booth at the “Horizont Outdoor“ in Karlsruhe.

Authors: Pascal, Jonas & Dennis
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