Weekly OSM Summary #5

12/05/2010 – 12/12/2010

Every week a lot of things are happening in the OpenStreetMap (OSM) world. It can be hard to keep track of all the different communication channels and don’t miss any important news. That’s why we’ve created a short summary of all the news here. Enjoy!

  • DigitalGlobe will provide Bing with aerial imagery of the US and Western Europe at 30cm resolution. The imagery can then be used by the OSM Community. Read more here
  • The newest Merkaartor version can now display Bing aerial imagery too. Get the latest version here.
  • The Best of OpenStreetMap website is looking for new editors. Get in touch with Frederik Ramm.
  • The OSMF board met in Pisa, Italy for a weekend full of discussions. Photo of the board.
  • Walking Papers now supports multiple pages at one take with the new atlas feature. This is especially useful for Mapping Parties and the like.
  • The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is looking for a logo. You can find further information in the wiki.
  • Two OSM related projects in Germany won in the Wikimedia competition “Wisssenswert”: Aerial Imagery for OpenStreetMap & Map- & Routing-Services for blind people
  • “Unmapped” Places in Europe? Pascal Neis wrote a blog post about his analyses in Europe to find unmapped villages in the OSM database. According to his result 58% of the villages in Europe are unmapped.
  • Emilie Laffray, member of the OSMF board, is now working at MapQuest.

For more news, especially regarding new tags and wiki pages, you can check-out the community-updates over here.

Authors: PascalJonas, Brice & Dennis.
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