Project of the Week: Railway station

They are a point in a daily commute of countless people. Utilitarian,
they must provide for efficient movement of people in crowds.
Seemingly vacant at one minute and then teeming the next, with the
hustle and bustle of those determined to get from here to there. The
ordinary and repetitious trip of a commuter can lead to blank faces,
seeming drones programmed to catch the 7:15 without interaction with
others, without emotion.

Yet they have also been the scene of emotional hellos and goodbyes. A
backdrop to tears and embraces, an important goal in a departure or a

The Project of the Week is to map your local train station, bus depot,
or other public transit center. Learn more about this Project of the
Week on the OpenStreetMap wiki:

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Goodbye train photo by Till Krech
is licensed CC-By