FREE Webinar on OpenStreetMap!

Curious about OpenStreetMap? Haven’t made it to one of the famous beer drinking, I mean *mapping* parties?

Well here’s your chance to learn more about the project (sans beer):

Hurricane Coast is co-hosting a FREE webinar about OpenStreetMap.
This Wednesday November 17th at 2PM EST, join in on the fun that is open source mapping!


Photo by Kevin Steele (cc by sa Flikr)

It’s a great introduction to the project with some background information, stories of why OSM is groovy (think crisis mapping) as well as a mini “make your first edit” presentation.

It is co-hosted by Depiction, a company who uses OpenStreetMap data for base maps, routing and much more! Depiction puts powerful mapping, simulation and collaboration tools in the hands of everyday people, in a package that is both easy to use and affordable. 

Sign up today, it’s fun!