Project of the Week: Pharmacy

Have a toothache and the dentist will see you tomorrow? Perhaps a
mild analgesic will help you sleep restfully. New shoes are a little
tight? This bunion cushion might take the pressure off while your
shoes and feet adjust to each other. The pharmacy might not be your
first choice of a place to be but you’ll be happy to find a pharmacy
that’s open late, in a strange town, when you need one. Let’s add the
local pharmacies to OpenStreetMap.

Learn more about this Project of the Week and how to add pharmacies to the map in your neighbourhood.

This is your Project of the Week. Make suggestions. Inspire other
mappers. What is it about contributing to OpenStreetMap that
interests you? Postboxes? Bowing alleys? Share your OpenStreetMap
interests by contributing a Project of the Month.

Farmacia photo by manfrys
is licensed CC-By-SA