I do not think we are in Kansas any more


OpenStreetMap contributor Toby Murray has had a look at OSM data in
Kansas, with an eye towards roads un-edited, towards automated edits
and towards the upcoming census. What did he find? In part, he found
that he is making a difference.

There are 105 counties in Kansas. 104 of them still have
have 78% of their TIGER data in its original state. One has had 75% of
it modified. Yes, this is the county I live in. Yes, most of it was
done by me. Yes, this inflates my ego.

Share with Toby, the joy he takes in seeing the results of his
participation in OpenStreetMap and read his article on his newly
minted blog.


One thought on “I do not think we are in Kansas any more

  1. Andy Allan

    It’s slightly sobering that a single contributor can still make so much difference across an entire US state. I hope there’s going to be a big push for more contributors in Kansas in the future!

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