Project of the Week: What are you watching?

What are you watching? Cinemas and theatres can provide diversion and
entertainment. Some places have thriving tourism economies based on
theatre. Other places have numerous jobs for people creating films to
ship around the world.

Add your local cinemas and theatres to OpenStreetMap as part of this
Project of the Week and let the world know more about your
neighbourhood. Find tagging suggestions and more details on the
project page.

Project of the Week is moving to Wednesday! On 22 September 2010 PotW
will move to announcements on Wednesdays. On 29 September 2010 the
first Project of the Month will be announced and the working title for
that project is Stay a while.

This is your Project of the Week. Make suggestions for projects of
the week or month. Inspire other mappers. What is it about
contributing to OpenStreetMap that interests you? Postboxes? Bowling
alleys? Contribute a Project of the Week and share your interests
with other mappers.

Other Projects of the Week / Humanitarian Mapping Humanitarian
emergencies continue. If you can provide some additional remote
mapping time please consider helping.

Watching the Stage photo by woodleywonderworks
is licensed cc-by

One thought on “Project of the Week: What are you watching?

  1. rweait

    correction. The first Project of the Month will be called "have a drink", the November Project of the Month will be called, "Stay a while."

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