Project of the Week: Out on a Limb – Adding trees to OpenStreetMap

They create oxygen in our cities and provide welcome shade from the
sun or temporary respite from a summer shower. There are trees urban
areas and sometimes they should be put on the map. How do you place a
noble Oak on OpenStreetMap? You follow the link to Project of the

More details and tagging suggestions for this Project of the Week:

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Tree photo by fr4dd
Licensed ccby

3 thoughts on “Project of the Week: Out on a Limb – Adding trees to OpenStreetMap

  1. klappermann

    Sounds good at the first moment, but who will delete the trees if they were cut?

  2. Richard Weait

    The best data in OSM is data that mappers care about. If you add <br/>trees near your home or work, you’ll notice when they come down and <br/>then remove them from the database.

  3. ALE!

    IMHO mapping trees is mapping with too much detail! In fact mapping forests and parks make sense, but mapping individual trees which have no special importance is out of the project scope and makes maps harder to read as they distract from important map features.I do not want to question the mapping of individual trees in general, I think it is of use for e.g. the oldest tree in town, rare species, etc..

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